Shrink Wrap Me Skinny

Like you, I was VERY Skeptical about this product so I knew the only way I could believe it is if I tried it myself and saw results. So I tried this Crazy Wrap Thing back in August 2010 and decided right away that I wanted more. I became a customer so I could get the benefits of FREE Shipping, Perks Points and wholesale pricing. Within 4 weeks of using the products and going from a US size 14 to a size 8 and not really making any lifestyle changes...I decided I wanted more. More product and More opportunity for Financial Freedom from sharing a product that I LOVED. You see I was looking for an extra $500 a month for "shoe and purse" money so I didn't have to dip into our family budget. Sound familiar?

But, when I told my husband. Erik that I was going to sell the product, he was NOT on board at all. He said I was crazy as I already was a partner in 2 other businesses at the time. Erik is an Engineer by trade and was a VP of a local engineering firm. We were making good money as a couple but he was miserable and the stress of the job was making him physically sick.

So almost 2 years into my business he finally jumped on board. At that time I was making the house payment, had paid off his truck and my new car (2009) as well as, over $30,000 in debt. Additionally, Erik was off 2 pharmaceutical perscriptions thanks to our all natural products for stress/anxiety and high cholesterol.

5 days before my 2 year anniversary with It Works I was able to "RETIRE" Erik fom his VP of Engineering postion of over 12 years. He is now "REWIRED" and works our business full time along with being a full-time Dad to our 9 year old daughter Mekenzie.

We are SO #blessed to have found It Works. We are earning an incredible income for helping others. We have realized that this business is much more than wraps and supplements...its about taking control of your life and teaching others to do the same. We are #HopeBrokers! We are re-dreaming as a family and we work the business as a family. The 3 simple steps that we follow each month can be shared by Mekenzie because they are so easy. 

Whether you are looking for a little "shoe and purse" money like I was or you need a life changing opportunity, we want to help you. Our Mission is to help as many people as we can take control of their health and financial situations. We are here to coach and mentor you to your success.

It's time you stop working for someone else's DREAMS and start working on yours. 

We would be honored to help you start creating a legacy for your family.

Please reach out to us personally so that we can get to know you. Because you will become a part of our extended family.

You can reach Lori at 513-368-4137 or you can reach Erik at 513-608-8455


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